Monday, June 22, 2009

Questions Abound: Why?

Ok, so here is the picture of my newest additions from Sportlots. 1992 Topps was apparently the king of parallels before (fill in the blank)-refractors. They had Topps Gold, Topps Micro, Topps Gold Winners. AHHH. Anyway, my question is why do the Topps Micro? It serves no purpose. Was it available in Cracker Jack boxes? Totally confused by the point. Top card is the O-Pee-Chee version of the Topps card. Another issue: Why doesnt beckett recognize the OPC "parallel?" I think in some instances the OPC version of some of the topps cards come at a bigger premium according to their online price guide. Why no love in the magazine? Any answers in blogland?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sweet Mailday Johnny Oates style!

Found the website and really raked in the goodies for Johnny Oates. Where do the two connect? Johnny Oates as many of you know was probably one of the most well respected baseball minds of our generation. Sadly, he lost his battle with a brain tumor some years back. He played for some of the really storied franchises in the game (Yankees, Braves, Phillies, Orioles, Dodgers). He managed the Orioles and Rangers before he passed. He was actually from my hometown area of Petersburg, VA and went to Virginia Tech (just like me!). His family and my family have remained close after all these years and lets just say his hiring in late 1991 was a crucial reason (and Cal Ripken) that I became an Orioles fan. Sportlots has given me a great chance to catch up on my Oates personal collection as he has 81 cards according to beckett and I now have 22. Who knew a role player backup catcher could have 81 cards including a 1/1???? I am also working on a project for our yearly memorial golf tournament and memorabilia auction as well. The auction and tourney raises money for his charity for pallitive care. So, if you have any Johnny Oates cards in those monster boxes, I would be glad to take them off your hands as I am trying to do a neat couple of pieces to donate to the auction.

Monday, June 8, 2009

1992 Ultra Review (17 Years Later)

Forgive me for using a picture of Glenn Davis (beardy and other O's fans know what I mean). 1992 Ultra. The second coming of the greatest set ever in the history of baseball. Yeah, I said it. Marble. I love marble. I need marble in my life. As you can clearly tell by the backdrop on this photo, I have no marble. Crisp photo, nothing like topps 09 photography but it doesnt have to be. Simple foil, not enough to kill anybody. Name, team, position. Cannot beat it. Oh, lets understatedly announce the year and product in the corner of the card. Awesome work!
Vitals Stats
Base: 600 cards (par for the norm in 92)
Inserts: Gwynn, All-Stars, Award Winners, All Rookies

We continue you with the marble theme in these cards. I love how Ultra gives you semi-star inserts. In 1992, the greatest thing for a Robin Ventura fan was to pull an insert of that player. Where else could this have happened? and with such frequency? Not a fan of Robbie V? Ok, Mickey Tettleton was an all-star insert too! OU: ONLY ULTRA!

Love how they chose a player to be a staple for a 10 person subset. Tony Gwynn, hall of famer, the definition of someon who could be surrounded by marble and be awesome.

Now, I would love to show you the back of the card, because I have a bold claim to make in regards to said back. However, new to this blog game, I dont know how to add two pictures and manipulate them within the blog. Any help? anyone? If so, you will a rush of posts of monumental proportions (unlike the rush of A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G resembling an offense with the Orioles right now).

Monday, June 1, 2009

I know, i sorry...

been away awhile. a little busy, starting a new job, all that jazz. Not much time for blogging or baseball carding. I still need to do my weekly Ultra sets breakdown, but that will come later this week. I got cards in the mail today, first time in awhile. Sports Card Forum hasnt let me down yet as I created a trade from someone from the great white north, so it took a couple weeks to get accomplished. 46 singles from 91 Ultra, and that has been updated on the want lists. great stuff. I went home and found some more cards...this is really frustrating, but i found an entire 93 Ultra base set complete in a box. Cannot believe I forgot I bought that years ago. All that trading for 93 ultra for nothing. Ah well, still need massive amounts of inserts to put that set to rest. It is the first ultra base to be fully completed. Oddly enough, this 93 ultra i collected very little in the 90's. All the other ultras i bought large quantities of, but not this one, and its the first base set to be done. Weird how that works. As always check the want lists, some of you will be receiving packages soon. Oh, and i have some goodies coming from baseball card exchange later this week that i will share as well. Happy Hunting!