Monday, June 8, 2009

1992 Ultra Review (17 Years Later)

Forgive me for using a picture of Glenn Davis (beardy and other O's fans know what I mean). 1992 Ultra. The second coming of the greatest set ever in the history of baseball. Yeah, I said it. Marble. I love marble. I need marble in my life. As you can clearly tell by the backdrop on this photo, I have no marble. Crisp photo, nothing like topps 09 photography but it doesnt have to be. Simple foil, not enough to kill anybody. Name, team, position. Cannot beat it. Oh, lets understatedly announce the year and product in the corner of the card. Awesome work!
Vitals Stats
Base: 600 cards (par for the norm in 92)
Inserts: Gwynn, All-Stars, Award Winners, All Rookies

We continue you with the marble theme in these cards. I love how Ultra gives you semi-star inserts. In 1992, the greatest thing for a Robin Ventura fan was to pull an insert of that player. Where else could this have happened? and with such frequency? Not a fan of Robbie V? Ok, Mickey Tettleton was an all-star insert too! OU: ONLY ULTRA!

Love how they chose a player to be a staple for a 10 person subset. Tony Gwynn, hall of famer, the definition of someon who could be surrounded by marble and be awesome.

Now, I would love to show you the back of the card, because I have a bold claim to make in regards to said back. However, new to this blog game, I dont know how to add two pictures and manipulate them within the blog. Any help? anyone? If so, you will a rush of posts of monumental proportions (unlike the rush of A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G resembling an offense with the Orioles right now).

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