Sunday, May 17, 2009

Product Review: 91 Ultra

And so it begins. I began my last post by talking about why I chose Ultra. I was not impressed with 91 Ultra when it orginally came out. Looking at all my monster boxes however, I really wish I would have been considering I have more 91 Fleer than any human should have. Thats melted yellow crayons thrown in a blender with mustard. Yuck. I guess they just wanted to go with a "higher end" card. Ultra in a sense is about premium, its better than regular fleer, blah blah you get the gist. On to the actual cards...

Vital Statistics
Base: 1-400
Inserts: Ultra Gold 1-10

The base card is nothing special. Plain on the front, ultra decided to go with the silver look, but its not glossy, so it just comes off as kinda gray. The back is pretty solid though. Multiple shots of the player and an up close shot. 400 cards is good for a base set and the cards are organized by team name and alphabetically through each team. I like that concept. I know the Braves are going to come first, etc. There is only one insert set, the Ultra Gold. I have to be honest, I have seen them, dont have any. Looks just like a star insert set with the regular culprits.

Overall Analysis: (C) Launching a new card line cant be that easy. It works because it fits in with most of the early 90's sets. Stadium Club was the revolutionary during that time frame, so this was a decent way to start it off. Ultra really takes off in '92. This didnt get my attention then, but its an ok springboard in what was to come.

Next week, we get down to the business of 92 Ultra!

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