Wednesday, July 1, 2009

This is why baseball is the best sport...

You see, I cant be mad about todays loss to the Red Sox. Especially after last night. I now know that I could have never played baseball, even if i had a lick of talent. Its too up and down, and I get way way way too high and way way way too low in regards to wins and losses. I cant remain consistent in my thinking for this team because everyday is something new. Turn about is fair play, yeah yeah, whatever. Point is, as a fan, its 162 games just like the players. Nick Markakis will hit .300, Huff will have 25 bombs, and this team will win 70 games. It all evens out in the end, I realize that the same goes for life as it does for baseball. Doesnt mean I aint pissed cause it happened to the Red Sox. Also, you cant talk shit in baseball. There is not enough time to do so. 21 hours later someone somewhere will talk shit back to you because you are going to get royally screwed for opening your mouth. MASN has a great set of commercials regarding defining moments in Orioles baseball. I like them a lot. I just wish they had more moments like they show in the commercials than what plays out in real life. Fantasy or real life, Beckett is a smug bastard thats for sure. Rant over.

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